The Process

Dichroic (di-crow-ic) glass is a form of metallic coated glass.The colour isn’t in the glass, but in a coating that is put on the glass in a vacuum chamber at high temperatures in the manufacturing process. The effect of this coating resembles an oil slick on water. Its highly reflective nature and vibrant colours are used to create wonderful jewellery.

The Science bit..

Dichroic means, having two colours. Dichroism is an optical effect observed where two different colours are seen when viewed from different angles.The glass appears to be different colours when viewed from different angles or in different light. Manufacturers coat the surface of a piece of base glass with thin layers of metallic oxides. This results in glass which combines all the colours of the rainbow.

The creative process…

My glass art and jewellery is inspired by the beautiful colours and textures which surround my studio set in the Donegal hills.
The rich palette of the lakes, mountains and seascapes which are all around me are a constant source of inspiration.

I try to mirror these ever changing colours in my landscape and miniature picture pieces. The vibrancy of the dichroic glass adds a sense of fun, to the more contempory pieces.

Due to variations in the firing process, individual results can never be exactly reproduced. Each piece of fused dichroic glass is unique. Some pieces may be fired many times and the play of light between the different layers adds to the depth of the colours seen.

Northern lights handmade glass is a unique memento made for you, in Donegal.